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Investing in Technology?

Investing in new technology? First things First! 

51% of small business owners want to improve their systems and processes as a priority in 2013 according to research by MYOB. This number is just as high in larger corporations! The problem is many organisations leap straight into an IT solution to solve their problems. There is a better way.


By inserting an IT system over your current business processes you are missing out on a grand opportunity to work on your business and embedding poor work practices into the system.


Take the opportunity to review your business processes before implementation of a system; actually, review them before you buy! I often see businesses with fantastic IT systems purchased and installed that just don’t meet there needs! This is an extremely common problem unfortunately, meaning the business has wasted money and time but is no better off; often they are worse off.


Spend some time challenging the processes involved, the time spent is well worth it.


  • Map out the current state
    • Include documentation, workflow, databases etc
  • Challenge every step
    • What works well?
    • Where is the waste?
    • Are there any challenges or struggles?
  • Brainstorm alternatives and countermeasures
  • Develop an action plan and begin implementing and testing the changes
    • Remember PDCA!
  • When the process is working smoothly (and is robust) without technology, find an IT solution that best meets your needs.


Now you can be sure your money will be well spent (or you may identify you don’t even need to spend it after all!). 




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