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The 5S System

 Nearly every time I go into a business the first lean tool I train and implement is 5S. Why? There are two reasons for this trend.

1)      The first reason is obvious. Most businesses have poor housekeeping! Now 5S is much more than housekeeping I know. But the fact remains that many businesses do have poor housekeeping standards or lack of standards. It’s a shame that many managers and business owners don’t understand what impact this poor housekeeping has on their business. Poor housekeeping will impact safety, quality, delivery and cost. All four of the major performance measures will be negatively impacted by poor housekeeping.

2)      The second reason is because 5S is one of the foundations of every other improvement you make to your business. Without a good 5S system in place other improvements you undertake will be difficult to realise and sustain. This is due firstly to the environment a 5S system will create and secondly due to the lessons and culture shift that the implementation of a 5S system will deliver.

                Your 60 Minute Lean Business – 5S Implementation Guide is the first of a new series of books designed to take the hassle out of learning the lean tools. Each guide is structured to allow easy understanding and fast implementation.



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