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Resource Planning and Skills Analysis

Do you know if your team has the right skills to do the job?

The only way to answer this question is to first understand what skills are required. Regardless of what industry you are in, you need to deliver certain outputs, to deliver these you need to skills. The first step is to clearly define what these skills are. This information should be a part of the Position Description, however as I have seen all too often, this is a common gap!

            The best way to understand what skills are required is to detail the process undertaken to deliver the outputs. From there you can define the skills required for these processes. Once you have these skills identified you can list them all and begin developing a skills matrix.

            Without knowing what skills you require you cannot identify what gaps you may have across your team. Without knowing your gaps, how can you be confident of success? Management is all about empowering your team to be high performing, if you haven’t analysed the skill set within the team you are holding the team back. How can you determine if you can take on extra work if you don’t know if the skills are available? How can you assure the outputs are of the expected quality if you don’t understand your teams skills? The answer to both of these questions is you can’t!           

            Taking this further to resource planning; to be successful you have to plan. This goes for operational teams as well as strategic; if you have to deliver any project or product you have to plan the resources to be used within the processes. The greater the size of the delivery and the greater the complexity, the better the planning needs to be. Without understanding the required skills or the skills of your team you cannot plan effectively.           

            So the next thing you need to do with your team is define your required skills, analyse your teams skills set and identify the gaps. Without going through this process you just won’t know where you are.

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