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Lean Business Strategy

What is a lean strategy and why should you have one? I was thinking about this recently when someone made a comment about why their business was pulling in different directions. They have pockets of the business doing some really good initiatives, however they seem to be pulling in different directions rather than working for a common goal. This is quite a common problem.

            The best of intentions and even the best of actions will deliver no more than isolated short lived improvements unless they are aligned to a greater strategy. By developing a lean business strategy you will realise longer term success that is easily built upon for even more success.

            A lean strategy should sit below an organisation strategy or plan. The org plan is used to guide your business in its long term development and will include your vision, mission and values. The lean strategy is a key component and provides a roadmap for identifying and eliminating the waste in your systems and processes. Remember, waste is anything your customers are not happy to pay for.

            Your lean business strategy will increase your customer base, improve your profitability, improve your customer satisfaction and improve employee morale. One of the main reasons lean sometimes gets a bad name among employees is due to a lack of strategy. When all initiatives are focussed toward achieving a common goal, employees can see how the changes will make a positive difference and are more likely to come along for the journey rather than hold back.

            So is it time you start your real journey and develop your lean business strategy?

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